WBTF Short Program Training - Required Elements

You should treat this assignment just like a competition - watch the video and score as you go. This assignment is time-limited - you will not have time to rewind and watch each video more than once. Please allow a total of 20 minutes to complete the assignment - you are not able to stop and re-start this assignment.

The video is presented to you using the standard YouTube Player. YouTube will automatically select the video quality that best matches the speed of your internet connection, but you can manually control the quality of the video using the 'gear' icon in the bottom right corner of the player (this icon is displayed after you press the Play button).

There are four athletes in this division. You will assess the routine and score each of their Required Elements. After each routine, a 1 minute delay is built in to the video to give you time to enter your scores into the answer table. You will have 5 minutes total for each athlete.

When you are ready to proceed, click the Next button below to begin the assignment.